Kentucky 41, Louisville 38 Game Notes

Fuck that whole bunch from Lexington. Let’s get it!

  • Brandon Radcliff proposal. Dawww.
  • I still get goosebumps when they play the Ali intro. Seriously the best work our media team has done in my memory.
  • Kentucky has film on Jaylen Smith right? Can’t believe they let the huge pass over the middle to start the game.
  • And Lamar with the run in. That drive was very systematic. It’s going to be a long game for the Kentucky defense.
  • Wow. Huge blown play over top for Kentuckys first score. I mean a complete breakdown in communication and awareness by the secondary. Awful start for the defense.
  • Lamar’s accuracy has to get better. The overthrowing wide open receivers has to stop. It’s arguably his biggest weakness.
  • Also, fumbles when he runs. Even when they’re overturned.
  • Offense starting to look bad. I don’t understand running the ball two plays in a row and I don’t understand the timing on some of the runs. Second and long with this offense isn’t the time to hand it off to Radcliff.
  • The defense is looking like they also haven’t seen tape of the Kentucky offense. Some terrible breaks to let up first downs.
  • Bennie Snell is going to be a pain in our ass for years, ladies and gentlemen. Get used to him, unfortunately.
  • And Boom is Booming. 14-7 Kentucky.
  • I’ve noticed that Lamar has started dropping WAY back when he has to pass. He knows he doesn’t have an offensive line in front of him. And it’s affecting his play. 
  • Nice strike to Bonnafon gets the game tied up. Hopefully it continues.
  • Defense finally gets a nice, momentum stop and the offense gets a huge boost from the kick catch interference on the punt. Things starting to fall into place for Louisville.
  • Soft Bobby making an appearance again. We get stopped on the 1 and kick a field goal. Firstly, terrible play calling yet again in the red zone. And then we kick the field goal. Should have gone for it. Coaching scared is what lost us the Houston game. 
  • James Quick is having himself a game so far. Looking really solid.
  • I love the shovel pass to Hikutini for the touchdown. I just love shovel passes. A shovel pass in this offense is particularly devastating because Lamar commands so much attention on the ground. They aren’t looking underneath for an option until it’s too late.
  • Chucky Williams getting burned again. Awful over top coverage by the defense. Just awful.
  • 24-21 at half. Not what I was expecting at all.
  • Ok, I love Mario Benevides, and maybe it’s because they have only a few minutes, but his analysis at halftime is totally useless. I do believe it’s the time constraints though. Mario is a smart guy and a smart player, he has more insights than he shares during the halftime.
  • Jaire with the breakup over the top to start the second half off. Bobby may have made the right adjustments there.
  • Fields is visibly frustrated by Johnson’s elusiveness. He’s been a pain in the ass for sure. I wish it were Drew Barker.
  • Run right up the middle by Snell on third and one should not have been a touchdown. You know they’re running it and he essentially went untouched. Defense looking like a real liability right now. Can’t stop the run or the pass.
  • Lamar rips off the huge read option run and makes sure the offense is rolling, despite the defense.
  • Every. Single. Third. Down. They get conversions.
  • All tied. 31-31. 
  • Lamar with a pick on the first play sets us up for a bad stretch heading into the fourth quarter.
  • Ronald Walker was completely oblivious to the ball and let up a huge touchdown to start the fourth. It was by far the least aware I’ve seen a defender in any game this year.
  • Interception of Hikutini’s hands might be a dagger. Defense doesn’t seem to be able to stop them and we might not have it to come back from 2 scores down.
  • D’Asian Richardson had a HUGE stop at the point of the handoff, but it was completely negated by the huge Kemp play right after it. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium before Richardson’s play, and the crowd was loud immediately after.
  • I love the Heisman pose after Lamar runs it in. Makes a statement in my opinion. 
  • Huge takeaway by Chris Williams to flip the momentum. Brilliant continuation of the play to force the turnover.
  • Started the season with #LamarLeap, might end it with #LamarLeak. The fumbles….
  • Well. That was something.

The sideline never seemed to be inflated. It showed in the way we played and the way we handled the adversity. Oh well. 

Offensive MVP was easily Cole Hikutini. Had 7 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. 

Defensive MVP for me was D’Asian Richardson. No stats that I could find on him, but he seemed to be the only defensive linemen able to get in the backfield and make plays.

On to the bowl game, wherever that may be.