The Real Issue I have with President Trump

America elected Donald J. Trump last night as our next commander-in-cheif. While that was as shocking a result as I could have imagined, it showed the type of America that we live in.

As a white straight male, I personally will not suffer from the narcissistic, sexist, racist rhetoric Trump, and more importantly his supporters, have spewed for months now. I have no fear of walking down the street and being profiled by these cowards and told that I’m not good enough to live in “their” country.

What I am saddened, and ultimately disgusted, by is what this decision means for my black, hispanic, middle eastern, LGBTQ and female family members, friends, and fellow Americans. They will have to deal with all of these issues on a daily basis, because our president will allow it. The harassment seen at the polls yesterday and the bullying issued by his supporters will only get worse, empowered by his status.

If you chose to write in a candidate, vote third party or simply not cast a vote, you get no option to complain. You contributed to this. The fate of our nation was in our hands and we chose the bully who could not be trusted with his own Twitter account over the experienced politician who has blood on her hands. You know who else has blood on their hands? Every President that has sat in that position. Being the President means you make the tough calls, for better or worse, and you live with those decisions forever. I don’t envy the position at all.

Our nation is in trouble in terms of climate change as well. He has already stated his idiotic opinions on it and we will be taking a big step back in saving the world from utter extinction with him in office.

I will worry every single day for the next 4 years for my family and friends. I will worry that they are ok in the streets, fighting the bigotry and suppressions that loom large over us. Because we will fight. We will not be silent. We endured 8 years of these same fear mongerers disrespecting arguably one of the best Presidents to ever hold office, and we will return the favor in kind. We will buck against these terrible policies and do what we can to slow this regression on the nation.

It is not a matter of policy for me. It’s basic human decency. I respect other people, so I guess that makes me a commie liberal. And I’m ok with that. Because the world needs more acceptance and understanding. Unfortunately, for four years, we will not get that from our “leader”. We will not be silent. We will fight.

Note: I did not, nor will I, capitalize “president” in reference to him. He must earn that title.


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