Louisville 52, Boston College 7 Game Notes

Obviously, Louisville loves playing Patrick Towles. This game was no different. Enjoy.

  • 69 yard TD run from Lamar to open the game. Nice. Nice.
  • I love DeAngelo Brown. One of the most underrated players on the defense.
  • Offensive line gave Lamar a lot of time early on. Probably says more for Boston College’s defense, but still.
  • Lamar looking great. Quick with a deep touchdown catch and the offense is rolling.
  • Defensive is looking pretty crisp so far. Hard hits, solid tackling, not too many broken reads.
  • Bomb to Jaylen Smith is Lamar at his best. Absolute beast.
  • Well, that was certainly a first quarter.
  • A real live fumble sets Louisville up. Bobby is coming for blood.
  • Quick up to 2 TDs now. 
  • Hikutini with the TD. Not sure how many different ways I can talk about a team dominating an opponent like this. 
  • Chucky!
  • Lamar with an injury, Bolin comes in. Bolin looking not great.
  • Remember last season when we alol fought over who should play, Lamar or Bolin? Good times, goooood times.
  • Lamar should have never tried to tackle the guy that picked him off. Good QBs don’t do that because of this exact situation. Disrupted the whole flow of the game by putting Bolin in.
  • Street names. Feathers. Announcers are some mixture of terrific and terrible.
  • Lamar is a magician. Plain and simple. I am never not surprised or impressed by him.
  • Seems like the team starts to fall apart when Lamar isn’t playing. As long as he is, that’s ok I suppose, but just strange.
  • Got the Dubya.
  • Lamar Jackson’s “private area”.

1 down, 2 to go. #BeatOhioState #BeatWashington

Wake Forest, you’re next.


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