Louisville 32, Virginia 25 Game Notes

Due to a work conflict, I was unable to watch the game in real time. That being said, I tried to keep up on Twitter and so it will be weird watching the game already knowing the outcome. We’ll give it a go though.

  • D’Asian (Johnny?) Richardson got away with contact to the QB’s head on the first defensive drive. Strong start for the D though. Hard hits and flying around the ball.
  • First drop by Quick wasn’t totally his fault. Was overthrown. Should have caught it and would have had a TD, but it was overthrown nonetheless.
  • Second drop by Quick was terrible. Lamar did enough to make a play, Quick just couldn’t pull it in.
  • Punt coverage terrible and sets up Virginia for its first score of the game. First time the punt coverage team has let someone through like that this season. Good defensive stop. Defense has bailed out the rest of the team numerous times this season.
  • Staples with the tough grab over the middle. Easily the most reliable receiver we have.
  • Quicks third drop was brutal. Have to wonder if the sun was in his eyes? Lamar overthrows an open Seth Dawkins on the next play.
  • Virginia came into the game believing they were going to win. You can tell in the way they’re carrying themselves. Bronco Mendenhall is going to get them going soon.
  • Virginia continuing to pick on Trumaine Washington.
  • The running game had not been effective at all until Lamar breaks a big time run. Finally some signs of life from the offense.
  • Lamar hits Jamari on a dart for the Cards first touchdown. Great sequence of plays for the offense.
  • Fumble was mix of Jeremy Smith and Lamar. Jeremy didn’t clinch on the ball, Lamar tried to pull it too late.
  • Virginia QB with a beautiful lob into the end zone on their first TD. The placement was perfect and the WR beat Jaire to it.
  • Virginia with all the momentum at the start of the second quarter. Their defense is hyped, the sideline is hyped, and has Louisville’s offense on the ropes.
  • Jaire with a great INT to stop the drive. Jaire has been a fantastic revelation in the secondary this season.
  • The offensive line is going to get Lamar killed one day.
  • Louisville let Virginia believe and that was why the offense struggled so much in the first half. Any team is a much less dangerous team if you break their will.
  • Micky Crum got his ass ripped on the 4th down play by Bobby. He has been a big letdown this season. I think he is supremely talented. But he needs to get his mind right if he wants to jump into the starting role when Cole leaves.
  • Reggie’s drop was brutal too. Negated by the holding on Hughley (Fuckin Hughley) but Lamar made such a good play to get it to him. Lamar made a great play to Traveon on the next play.
  • Another holding by the offensive line. Penalties and turnovers will really hurt us at some point this season.
  • And missed tackles. Good lord Trumaine.
  • Virginia drives for the 17-7 lead. Definitely was starting to worry at this point.
  • Lamar throws an INT to set up Virginia deep in their own territory. He’s been pretty inaccurate so far. Luckily, Virginia misses the field goal. Probably the point where the momentum shifts.
  • Hikutini is the spark plug of the offense. Lamar can make a play when there isn’t one and when he has to, but Hikutini gives the offense the feeling that everything is going to start rolling. I’ve noticed that with him this year. Hopefully they can replace him next season.
  • Reggie shushes the crowd after his touchdown. The Cards are rolling.
  • Jaire with his second pick of the game returns to the 13. Again, he’s been fantastic this season.
  • Reggie quiets the crowd with his second TD of the game. Now were rollin.
  • Zykesis Cannon had a great pass breakup on the drive that Virginia scores its last TD. I really like him.
  • Defense let up a lot on the final drive. I still argue that they get worn down in these types of games and eventually break a bit. It was a ballsy call on the fourth down pass though. Thrown on a rope down the middle of the field. Virginia’s crowd is into it.
  • Final drive. The whole thing I’ve been waiting to see. Much easier to stomach knowing the outcome.
  • The fourth down throw through two defenders… Just insane by Lamar.
  • And the cap with the beautiful play by Lamar to Jaylen Smith for the touchdown. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful play.

We squeeze out the victory, and with a few undefeated teams losing, we maintain position.  A lot of credit to a well coached Virginia team, but just as in the Duke game, talent wins out. Lamar finished with 361 and 4 TDs with 90 on the ground and Staples finished with 120 and a TD. Now we need FSU to pull this out against Clemson and Clemson lose again, or Clemson win the rest of their games. My brain hurts. Boston College, you’re next.


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